T006 Bioethics Course for Catholic Health Care Workers

For centuries, the Morality of Human Life has dealt with certain topics that nowadays are being openly questioned and challenged in the field of contemporary Bioethics.
The Course we are introducing will address some of those issues, with special emphasis on the ones closely linked to the clinical practice in Catholic health care Institutions.
Fully aware of the complexities of those matters, we will give answers to them in faithfulness to the teachings of the Catholic Church. In doing so, we will pursue a constructive dialogue with the diversity of thought we find in today’s Western culture and society.

Pau Agulles SimóPablo Requena

T005 Canonical Notions Regarding the Consecrated Life

The juridical dimension of the consecrated life entails the sensibility that seeks justice in the various different relationships of which it is composed: governance, formation, and mission are the three areas in which these types of relationships are manifested. The study of certain issues present in these areas, in light of the norms of the Code of Canon Law and of the most recent documents of the Holy See, represents the fulcrum of this Refresher Course.

Pablo GefaellFernando Puig

T004 Spiritual Accompaniment

Goals: To offer skills to those in charge of spiritual accompaniment or direction (whether it is imparted to religious of their own order or to people of other eclesial conditions) and to help them realize better their important role in the Church.

T003 Liturgy: Source and Summit of the Christian Life

It is not easy to live according to the form of the liturgy.
Moving from these cultural and pastoral difficulties, the course explores the ritual dimension of Christian Salvation both in the Old and New Testament. According to the Liturgical Movement and the Conciliar Renewal, the Liturgy will be considered as the ritual update of the Paschal Mystery. The presence of the Paschal Mystery calls for artistic responses expressing the depth and beauty of the Church’s encounter with the Trinity.
Juan Rego BarcenaGiovanni Zaccaria

T002 Fundraising as Faithraising for Religious Institutions

This course aims to explain the basic elements of fundraising and the special character it takes when developing a Religious Congregation or any kind of institution promoted within the Church. We will focus into serving families and the longterm sustainability of the temporal goods needed for the spiritual mission of the Church.

Cristian Mendoza

T001 The Formation Staff in Religious Congregations

Goals: to provide orientation to staff of houses of religious formation in each of the different areas of formation: human, spiritual, intellectual and apostolic.